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Cabin suppliers

We currently collaborate with cabin suppliers Hedda Hytter, Røroshytta, and Byggmesterhus. These are experienced players representing various cabin styles that fit well into the Norwegian mountain landscape. Røroshytta specializes in log cabins, while Hedda Hytter offers architect-designed cabins that are classics in Norwegian cabin architecture. Byggmesterhus is our in-house house and cabin producer in Lindesnes, and we take pride in presenting our self-developed cabins tailored specifically for Kyrkjebygdheia.

We offer all cabin models from Røros Hytta and Hedda Hytter. If you are interested in a different model than the ones presented here, please feel free to contact us.



We offer all the cabin models from Røroshytta, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a different cabin model than the ones we present here.

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We are proud of our partner in log cabins – Røroshytta. We can offer all the cabin models they produce, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a different cabin model than the ones we present here.

We have selected 4 log cabins, three of which are constructed with 6 logs and one with 8 logs.
Several of the log cabins come with gable windows to provide beautiful natural light into the cabin and offer a great view of the surroundings. We believe that the traditional exterior of the log cabins will fit well with the adventurous landscape of Kyrkjebygdheia.

Røroshytta has a long tradition of high quality
Røroshytta was established in the early 1960s by Røros Skogforvaltning. Røros has a long tradition of log timber cabins and houses. The place is a good example that traditional log building methods are of high quality and result in houses that can stand for eternity.

Røroshytta has its architectural foundation in the area around Røros. This heritage places high demands on the manufacturer. In the beautiful but harsh surroundings of Røros, people have lived in houses made of solid timber for many generations. They deliver top-notch log quality in a understated style with clean, beautiful, and functional lines. Røroshytta combines old craftsmanship traditions with new and revolutionary methods.

Our log cabins are nature- and environment-friendly by being energy-efficient with a hygrothermal effect. The log cabins provide a healthy indoor climate and offer little maintenance. At the same time, the modern production line using laminated timber means that the cabins are solid with less air leakage, because they are produced with Røroshytta’s own Sintef-tested knots and joints. The timber that is used is dried before production and therefore gives little yield.

Røroshytta is a member of the association Norsk Laft. They have a quality principle of safeguarding Norwegian cultural heritage with quality in exports. Røroshytta adheres to industry standards and is subject to a control scheme conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology This provides our log cabins with a quality stamp and is reassuring for the customer when purchasing log buildings.

Contact us at Kyrkjebygdheia, and we will assist you in finding your dream cabin.

Hedda Hytter

Hedda-cabins offer a perfect balance between coziness and openness. With their understated and timeless expression, they seamlessly blend into the surroundings.

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About the architect

Hedda Hytter been building cabins in Valdres since 1979. The Hedda Signature Series is a modern classic that stands strong independently of trends. The architect behind it, Jon Haug, is a prominent figure in cabin construction in Norway. He has designed thousands of cabins that are customized for the Norwegian mountain wilderness, and he is passionate about ensuring that the buildings harmonize with the surroundings. Just like us in Kyrkjebygdheia! We have selected three models of Sportshytte cabins that fit perfectly in Kyrkjebygdheia’s unique landscape, with proximity to nature experiences and activities.

In harmony with nature.

The dream of a cabin is often associated with the desire for great nature experiences, and together with Hedda Hytter, we take responsibility for preserving our shared cultural heritage. We are meticulous in both the placement and adaptation of the cabin on the plot, and we actively work to ensure that the cabins harmonize with the terrain and the surrounding nature. Not only does it give the cabin a sense of belonging to the plot itself, but nature also contributes to making each cabin unique and giving it a personal touch.

Flexible modular system

When Jon Haug developed Hedda, it was rooted in Norwegian building traditions but adapted to a modern lifestyle. The cabin is constructed using prefabricated modules, making it easy to tailor to individual wishes and needs – and, most importantly, to the plot and the nature that surrounds it. We also offer many of the custom-built furniture and storage solutions as additions, helping you maximize the use of the space.

Ask us for advice

We are proud of our collaboration with Hedda Hytter, who specialize in landscape adaptation and individual solutions. Our common value is to preserve the natural and cultural landscape, and that’s why it’s an important part of our sales process. We are happy to assist with cabin selection, color choices, and material choices. Get in touch with us, and we’ll find the right cabin for you.

We offer all the cabin models from Hedda Hytter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in models other than the ones we present here.


Byggmesterhus is our own house and cabin manufacturer, and we are proud to present our own cabins that we have specially designed for Kyrkjebygdheia.

Our cabins are specially designed with functionality, aesthetics and public health in mind. We guarantee quality throughout the entire process from the interested party to the finished cabin together with our skilled team in Lindesnes.

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We have designed five different cabins for five different cabin dreams.

Skornetten Trend and Skornetten Klassisk are carefully designed to accommodate gatherings at the cabin, with several private areas to find peace and tranquility. This makes it excellent as a multi-generational cabin with its own master wing, which can be used for both extended family, rental, or guests.

Lindefjell Trend and Lindefjell Klassisk are spacious and space-efficient cabins that maintain a high degree of utilization while also featuring elegant details. An ideal family cabin that offers plenty of room for everyone.

Grønlifjell is the modern dream cabin with stylish and spacious living areas, where large windows create a unique feeling of being at one with nature. Good lighting conditions from the windows will allow the cabin’s natural lighting to follow the daily rhythm.

Byggmesterhus has over 30 years of experience in the planning and construction of houses and cabins, specializing in customized solutions tailored to individual needs. Byggmesterhus originated from the builders’ association but is today a wholly-owned company of Otterlei Group. Our trademark is quality and well-being, and in line with this, we set high standards for ourselves and our collaborators.

We consciously choose to produce the cabins locally in our own factory in Lindesnes and involve local businesses at every stage from production to turnkey cabin delivery. Byggmesterhus is firmly rooted in tradition, expertise, professionalism, and craftsmanship throughout the construction process.

Our cabin models are tailored to fit Kyrkjebygdheia’s adventurous Telemark nature and are designed to provide high architectural value that harmonizes with the landscape. At the same time, we are open to individual customizations and tailor to the customer’s needs.

Contact us at Kyrkjebygdheia to make your cabin dream come true.

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