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We are developing Kyrkjebygdheia

Kyrkjebygdheia AS was founded in 1999 and has been owned by Otterlei Group since 2007. We have tried to preserve natural surroundings to the greatest extent possible with minimal interference in the ground conditions on the plots. We have solid knowledge of the area and over time have established good relationships with local businesses and partners.

Otterlei Eiendom AS and Kyrkjebygdheia AS have been selling plots and beautifully customized “Ready-To-Move-In” cabins since 2022. We have our own organisation that develops the plots and infrastructure in the area. With a solid group behind us, we can provide our customers with a secure process from interest to cabin owner.

We are helping with the location of the cabins on the plots. The location should, as far as possible, be in line with our quality principles of gentle adaptation to the terrain, good lighting conditions, and a good view. We follow the customer through the entire sales process by handling all sales and operations ourselves. We are also proud of our close and strong collaboration with various local actors in Vestfold, Telemark, and Agder.

Otterlei Eiendom has its own administration centrally located in Tønsberg, while also maintaining a local office at Kyrkjebygdheia. Here, all stakeholders and customers are warmly welcome for a visit or a pleasant meeting

All our cabin areas in Kyrkjebygdheia are fully regulated in Nissedal Municipality. Our plots are ready for development in accordance with regulatory requirements and the customer’s preferences for execution.

We have created a plan for further development of activities in the area. We want to create a pleasant cabin environment where people enjoy. Furthermore, we are creating a place development that encourages interaction, activity, recreation, and experiences. We want to create a meeting place, but also a sanctuary. Our cabin models are carefully selected based on our quality principles for aesthetics and functionality, and we will develop the area in line with good public health and well-being.

We warmly welcome you to our Kyrkjebygdheia.

Siri Myhre
Otterlei Property